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Tuning Fork Healing is a recognized therapy in the fields of chemistry and medicine.

By resonating frequencies using tuning forks, it aims to restore individuals to their original frequency.

Tuning fork therapy varies greatly among practitioners. In medical settings such as chiropractic, otolaryngology, dentistry, surgery, tuning forks are used as diagnostic and treatment tools.

In the field of music therapy, they are employed for emotional healing. Additionally, in ceremonies, sound baths, and as spiritual tools, they are used for sound healing.

Miyuki's Tuning Fork Frequency Healing and Reading sessions can be administered to

humans (adults, children), animals, and spaces.

The sessions involve adjusting and healing the frequencies of the soul, mind, organs, bones, muscles, nerves, hormones, chakras, meridians, minerals, and energy fields. They promote healing and adjustments toward a better reality and an ideal future.

Insights like "cause," "result," "solution," "message," are also derived from frequency readings.

Readings encompass contents related to the body, mind, and spirit such as illnesses, injuries, work, family, relationships, and the purpose of the soul.

Messages from higher beings, the purpose of an individual's soul, suitable dietary habits and lifestyle, methods for improvement such as trauma healing, appropriate mindsets, and more are obtained through readings.

The purpose is to practically implement "solutions" by eliminating causative factors in daily life and to lead a better life by blossoming and stimulating one's inherent healing ability and potential for realization.

*Please notify in advance if there are any healing requests or specific topics you wish to address.


*The effectiveness and sustainability of the effect depend on the individual's current state at the time. Some may benefit from periodic sessions, while others might feel okay after one session. Individual responses may vary based on how one approaches it.


Those who have undergone sessions report not just improvement in physical and mental health but also the occurrence of favorable events and an accelerated manifestation of desired outcomes.

*Due to a high number of individuals seeking sessions, there might be a waiting period of 1 to 3 months for appointments. We appreciate your understanding.

Tuning Fork Frequency Healing & Reading
session fee

Treatment time: 1.5 hours to 3 hours

new clients           :  $ 99 
After the second time :  $ 77  

Home Studio (referrals only)
1st time              : $ 111

After the second time.  :  $ 88

Trip Sessions (referrals only)
1st time              :  $ 111 + Transportation costs
After the second time  :  $ 88 + Transportation expenses

​Same price for children and animals

Possible effects of tuning fork frequency healing

チャクラ音叉 パワーストーン  MIYUKI.jpg

* Chakra adjustment

* Adjustment of visceral meridians

* Yin and Yang adjustment

* DNA repair

* Adjusting the frequency and wave motion of the body and energy body


* Remove blocks to make waves easier to create and realize

* Balance your face and body

* Helps reborn and returns frequency to neutral

* Put the balance between fat and muscle first


* It will be easier to live according to the purpose of the soul


* It will be easier to fulfill the purpose of being on the earth


* Helps awaken and makes it easier to gain wisdom

* Dispel evil spirits and make it easier to break barriers


* Corrects energy distortion and clogging


* Help ascension


* Improvement of illness

* Relieves illness by removing fatigue and cloudiness of body, mind, and energy

* Drop the message you need

What Tuning Fork Frequency Reading Can Do

* Read the consciousness of being alive


* Read Block Programming

​*Find your soul purpose

* Exploring how to live in line with your soul purpose

*Exploring the cause and solution of problems

​*Search for diseases

* Exploring the cause and solution of illness

* Exploring heart issues

* Exploring the cause and solution of mental problems

* Exploring the tone of the chakras

* Exploring imbalances in energy and frequency

* search for evil

*See compatibility

* Read relationships

*Read the future

​* Drop the required message

Tuning Forks

● Chakra tuning fork

● Solfeggio tuning fork

● 528 DNA tuning fork

● Yin-Yang Meridian Tuning Fork
● OM Tuning Fork

● 999 Tuning Fork

● Angel Tuning Fork

● Fat Burning Tuning Fork

● Muscle tuning fork

● 432 Space tuning fork

● Mineral tuning fork

● PHI ratio / golden ratio tuning fork

● 111

● C Set Overtone

● Cancer Treatment set

● 538 Circulations

●  Otto 

Voices of those who received healing

I saw a planet during the session.

After it was over, I felt like all the fatigue from life had been lifted away.

It really felt like I had gained something. I no longer had to meet with people who made me feel uneasy, work that had been stagnant started coming in, and I began to feel grateful and enjoy everything I do.

It changed my life. I felt like it was the real deal.

I want as many people as possible to know about it.

50s Los Angeles Entertainment Business

During the reading, I was told many of the exact same things that my acupuncturist had told me a week earlier, and I was amazed that a tuning fork could determine such things.

During the treatment, I felt like I was floating around in the light, and I didn't know whether I was asleep or not, or whether it was real or not.

I was later told that this was a state of "returning to your original spiritual home."

50s, Virginia, Self-employed

Thank you so much for the tuning fork healing & reading today!
I had the most wonderful time, and even after it was over I felt incredibly excited and happy. It was just one surprise after another.
Now that I think about it, even though I had my eyes closed during the treatment, behind my eyelids, various colors appeared every time the tuning fork rang: red, purple, light blue, blue, green, and white. I had never experienced anything like this before.
It was such a mysterious event that I thought, wow, this is real, haha. I was also shocked to hear about things from the past that I had been carrying around with me until the present, and that I had hardly told anyone about.
Thank you for all the insights♡

There is a huge difference before and after the tuning fork healing and reading.

I can't explain it well, but I never really had anything that I felt was right, and as a result, I felt inferior to other people in every way, so I had no confidence and was always jealous. But after taking the course, I realized that it was okay to move in the direction of my interests! I felt incredibly happy to be able to work towards a clear goal, and my confidence grew.

It's like you've been given a powerful talisman, like Miyuki is with you👍, giving you a sense of security, I'm sure.

40s Japanese part-time worker and housewife

I have been meditating for over 20 years, but when I received Sachi's tuning fork healing, I felt like I was in a deep meditation.

It was a really amazing session as he pointed out exactly what I was doing and gave me warnings.

It was like scales had fallen from my eyes, and my world was suddenly opened before my eyes.

After it's over, I feel a release of emotions and it feels like things are starting to move forward.

It was so amazing remotely, I would love to take it in person someday.

30s, Japanese Healer Certification Course Instructor

I regularly receive tuning fork frequency healing and readings.

The other day, when I went to see a healer who could release me from the contract that was made before I was born, I was surprised to hear him tell me the exact same thing that Sachi always tells me, even though I hadn't said anything.

I was told that this person had a connection with their ancestors, so I asked Sachi to do a reading with a tuning fork, and she told me what kind of person it was and why the same thing had continued in their family for generations.

Once again, I received the same advice as the person mentioned above, so I will try to follow it.

40s, New York, Entertainment Industry, Mother

I hadn't been able to sleep properly for the last 10 years due to pain, but on the day of my session I was able to sleep soundly for the first time.

I am filled with amazement and gratitude.

I was also taught the stretches and massages I should do in my daily life. Some of them were the same as those I had been told by my chiropractor before. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge.

Japanese housewife in her 60s

Meeting Dr. Miyuki changed my life.

I wondered why I had been deliberately making myself unhappy up until that point, and realized that it was all my fault.

There were many eye-opening things.

Since having the tuning fork done, my life has become so much easier and more enjoyable.

I appreciate it.

​50s, Japan, former housewife, currently running a salon

I had a kinesiology session to see which tuning fork I needed right now, and then I had a session with the tuning fork that I needed.

When the tuning forks were placed along the meridians of my internal organs, I felt a warm sensation inside my body.

When I was removing the trauma, I felt a dizzy feeling at first, but then I felt refreshed.

I feel refreshed.

I used to have a tendency to make bad things come true, but after the tuning fork session I have been attracting only good things.

My intestines, which had been bothering me for a long time, are now in great condition and I feel comfortable every day.

thank you!

Publicist in his 40s, Los Angeles

For a while after receiving tuning fork healing, you will feel good, your relationships will improve, and many good things will happen.

Although I am always given the same advice about my lifestyle habits and negative thinking, I am gradually becoming more conscious of them in my daily life.

I request this service regularly, and I feel like I am gradually getting closer to my true self.

50s , Los Angeles, Restaurant Work

During the healing session, you feel like you are in between the other world and the real world.

I was surprised at how accurately the reading described what I was eating, my lifestyle habits, and my mindset, to the point that I wondered if she was watching me from somewhere.

As I followed the advice the tuning fork gave me, my health improved and many things in my life became easier.

It feels like my vibrations are rising and I am heading towards ascension.

California Healer in his 40s

I was surprised when the reading gave me the exact details of the issues I was currently experiencing with my husband.

I asked how a tuning fork could tell, and was told it could be determined by the frequency of the sound.

He suggested a solution to that problem, and after working hard towards it, I got good results in six months and now I'm very happy.

40s Japanese housewife

During the conversation after the healing, I was shocked to hear that I had some deep-seated problems in my mind that I hadn't even noticed.

I thought I had done a good job of healing myself, but when you go deeper, there is no end to the sadness, so there were some areas I wasn't paying attention to.

As I was told, I decided to gradually face the emotions that I had been suppressing.

Caregiver in his 50s, California

During the healing, a message came down to me, whether it was my higher self, a master, or an angel.

Therapist, Switzerland, 40s

Even though I had my eyes closed, I saw a light every time the tuning fork rang.

40s Canadian Massage Therapist

During the healing, my body started to move around a lot without me realizing it, but I had been told not to stop it, so I just let my body move as it pleased. "A's soul was living with you!" she said with a smile, but I wondered how she knew that, since I hadn't said a word about A's death.

After the session, I felt refreshed, as if the distortion in my body had been corrected.

60s, Los Angeles, Office Worker

After the healing was finished, when I was told the results of the reading, I was told that I should do exactly what I was about to do, which made me very happy and confident.

I was told specifically that if I do this in a specific way it will work, and since that's what I was thinking of doing, I'll do my best.

Self-employed in Japan, 60s

Before the healing, I had asked her to talk about my relationship with a certain man, and during the healing she gave me a reading. She told me that things weren't going well at the moment, so I should make an effort to let go of my attachment to him, and when I was able to do that to a certain extent and was about to move forward, she said that I might hear from him again in the summer, and she really did contact me.

But, "That person's true nature is probably like this, so if you date them, it will be like this. It's up to you to choose that or not."

I was told that, but I continued the relationship anyway, and the results were just as I was told.

30s, California, multi-industry

Immediately after receiving the healing, extraordinary good things started happening, and the very next day I received an unexpected income!

30s, Los Angeles office worker

My back pain has been cured! I've never been able to recover so quickly from anything I've done before. Amazing.

California driver in his 50s

My hip joint was hurting so much that I couldn't walk, but after using a tuning fork, I was able to walk easily along the mountain path the next day.

If I could do this every day, I might not need surgery...

70s Japan


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