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↓ 2018 Workshop ↓

Workshop held in Japan in 2018

11/4 Tokyo Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Toma Studio

11/11  Fukuoka Tenjin IMS

11/18  Kyoto Shijo Omiya Studio Collaboration

Hado Yoga & Tuning Fork Workshop Summary

1. Description of the chakra

2. Guided meditation to regain consciousness

3. Breathing meditation

4. Chakram Dora Meditation

5. Qigong meditation

6. Easy yoga to encourage the flow

7. Yoga Nidra

8. Adjust the frequency with a tuning fork

9. Explanation of the mechanism of wave motion

10. Q & A


At this 2018 workshop, I shared with the visitors the knowledge I gained from my 20 years of yoga life and the wisdom gained from the rapidly accelerated spiritual learning since 2012.

In India, it has long been called Yoga is Union .

Yoga is not just about exercises and poses.

The word yoga includes meditation, breathing, philosophy, ideas, knowledge of the body, how to use the body, health, way of life and behavior, and morality.

In that sense, it was learning and practicing " yoga" and "frequency using tuning forks" .

The contents differ depending on each location (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto).

With intuition on the spot, I talked about what I thought was necessary for some of the members at that time and put it into practice.


1. Description of the chakra

I explained the chakra.

This is to let you know how the energy of the body works.

1. Root chakra (base chakra)

2. Sacred Chakra (Tanda Chakra)

3. Solar plexus chakra (solar plexus)

4. Heart chakra

5. Throat chakra

6. Third eye chakra (third eye)

7. Crown chakra


What is a chakra

It is a rotating vortex of energy called chakra. It's like an energy point, connected to your emotions and body.

There are tens of thousands of chakras, but the seven chakras involved in the major nerve plexuses, endocrine glands, and meridians that connect to the body's organs and cells are generally known.

In fact, the chakras are located in our energy bodies and emit their respective frequencies. It is shaped like a flower with a stem, and it exists horizontally, connecting from the front side of the body through the spinal column to the back side. Flower-shaped chakras open, block, blur and become clear. The size of the flower varies depending on the degree of individual growth. A well-balanced chakra will bring you to a healthy and vibrant state.



Each chakra is connected to its emotions, body and energy, with its associated colors, planets, aromas, sounds, crystals and more.


2. Explanation of Group Soul

I explained about Group Soul.

This is to deepen your understanding of the purpose and mission of this world.

We are originally one being.

Both humans and animals are divided into several groups according to their purpose, with all the information on their existence in each group soul.

From the point of separation, it becomes a smaller group, and from there it becomes a smaller group, and it exists on the earth as two pairs of individual souls.


Since it is the same from the beginning, you are me and I am you.

Ego is one of the things to have an individual consciousness in order to have different experiences and studies. Ego is individual!

It's not bad.

(Originally, there is no such thing as "good" or "bad." There should be both shade and yang.)


When you are obsessed with ego-separation, it becomes difficult for you to live.

It is a very strange phenomenon that it is originally the same, but it is forgotten by the ego for individuality, and it becomes jealousy and hatred.


However, it is also a phenomenon unique to the land of the earth, so it may be good to observe even that with interest.



How to break up a group soul ↓ We break up from one big existence into a group, then break up from there, and finally we repeat learning together in a small group.


By the way, there are many cases where members in a small group after parting are reincarnated together while changing roles such as family, lover, and friends, and learn together.

Most of the people in the group who feel like they've known for the first time.

Since we have discussed and decided on the roles, we should have a purpose such as "couple" or "parent and child".

It seems that it is rare to change what was decided on the way.

And when he is reborn next time, he sometimes goes to a different group.

Also, it seems that he may try to do his best by breaking up with the twin frame that he has been learning as a pair for a long time and forming a tag with another soul.

People who feel that something is missing from the time they are born are likely to do so.


In any case, it was up to you to decide which group to study with and which soul to pair with to come to Earth, so please do your best to achieve your goals and mission.

3. Meditation to regain consciousness


I was guided by voice and practiced meditation.

  • Focus on the sounds you hear

  • Focus on skin sensations

  • Feel the texture of the air

  • Focus on the smell

  • Focus on your energy

  • Focus on your internal organs (it's okay to scan and look for something wrong)

  • Focus on your natural breathing

  • Focus on making your breathing deep and long


To get rid of obstacles / blocks for soul growth, mental and physical health by resting the moving head and mind and concentrating on one's consciousness

Even if there is a reality that you want to attract, it is effective because you can take blocks that hinder the realization.


4. Breathing method


I also practiced the yoga breathing method that has been handed down from ancient times and the secret breathing method that has been handed down in the spiritual world.


  •   Ancient spinal breathing method

1. Image of light, oxygen, and energy entering from overhead when inhaling 2. Down through the spine (feeling that it extends from the spine to every corner of the body from the trunk to the twigs) 3 It feels like the tailbone is coming out to the earth. 4. The feeling that the magma energy that came up from the earth at the time of wearing spreads through the spine and spreads from the twigs and passes over the spine and escapes into space.


  •   3-part breathing method

Autonomic nerve breathing method that prepares the autonomic nerves

Suck 4-Stop 7-Spit 8

Suck 7-Stop 7-Spit 7


  •   Kriya yoga breathing method

1. Suck with force

2. While spitting toxins with your voice, spit twice to relax at the same time.



  •   Pranayama breathing method
    Single Nostril Breath Nostril Breathing

Moon on the left — Relax

The right is the sun-energy



  • Pranayama breathing method
    Alternate Nostril Breathing Nostril Breathing

Alternating moon and sun



  • Pranayama breathing method kapalbhati detox breathing
    Kaparbati Detox Breathing Method

Inflate your stomach when you inhale with just your nose, and retract when you exhale. Fluffy and fluffy


  •   Pranayama breathing method
    Ujjayi Breath Ujjayi Breathing method

Make a sound of waves in the back of your throat.

Be aware of when you breathe out and when you exhale



  • Breath of Fire (Kundalini Yoga)

Breathe with just your nose. While using the muscles of the abdomen

While taking in the energy of the magma of the earth

  • Balloon inflatable breathing method

Train your lungs and trachea by practicing inflating balloons at once.

When you don't have a balloon, practice inflating it at once with the image of inflating it.

5. Chakra Mudra

For the Chakramdora meditation to increase energy, I have briefly explained and practiced Mudra.

Mudra uses your body like a booster cable to regulate the flow of energy and awaken your consciousness.

Mudra with hands is famous.

It looks like a mark, but each has all its meanings and effects.

Looking at the statues of various gods and masters (Shaka and Jesus), it is almost the shape of Mudra that has a unique hand shape.

There is something similar to the Ninjinjutsu created by the ancient Japanese.


6. Qigong


I lay down and put my hand on my body, felt the energy (energy and light), and sent it into my body.

It seems that you can self-heal when you have a physical condition.

Stomach → Chest → Hairline behind the neck (Bon no Kubo) → Head → Face

When I breathe in, I feel the contact patch between my hands and body, and when I breathe in, I feel like I'm rushing into my body.

It becomes lighter and softer, black becomes white, cells are activated, and whatever your image or appearance is okay.

At the end, the image is that the feeling of coming out of the palm of the right hand, entering from the palm of the left hand in a circle, going around the inside of the body, and going out from the right hand again.



I feel like it's shining

Warm / cold

Feeling like white smoke

6. Yoga asana


Practice yoga poses for good health.

It was a mixture of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, In Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.


· Adjusting autonomic nerves ・ Relieving limb fatigue ・ Improve blood circulation ~


· Hip joint ~ Hold your knees while lying down or sit down and put your backs together tomorrow and put your knees closer to the floor

· Preventing back pain and stretching the gluteal muscles ~ Place your right foot on the thigh of your left foot and bring your butt closer to the floor from the thigh of your left foot → vice versa

· Pelvis ~ While sitting, align the soles of your feet and sway to the left or right, or draw a circle with your body so that it becomes a beautiful circle when viewed from the sky.

· Fascia / muscle stretch-neck, back, sides, thighs, Achilles tendon, hamstrings


· Nervous consciousness (Kriya Yoga) ~ Change the part that brings consciousness while swinging to the right or left, and concentrate only on the conscious part. Bring awareness to body parts, internal organs, and energy. Finally to the center line.


· Sun salutation ~ Adjust by turning energy to strengthen body balance and muscles. Increase metabolism by breathing

Downward Dog Pose

7. 7. Yoga nidra


We had you lie down and learn how to relax your body by guidance and practice it.

This is so that you can practice it even when you usually go to bed.

Sleeping on the side of the body with the palm facing up in Shabasana.

Bring consciousness to each part of the body (it's okay even if you put in force) and pull out the power.

From the toes to the tip of the head.

Feeling that the energy of relaxation climbs from the tip of the foot to the tip of the head.


It is recommended that you usually do yoga nidra before going to bed.

In Japanese, I like this person's guidance voice.



8. Frequency adjustment with tuning fork



I adjusted the energy, mind, and body frequencies using a tuning fork.

The frequency that you should know and have was restored to its original state by making a sound with a tuning fork or hitting it against your body to remind you, resonate and tune it.

  • Chakra tuning fork (9)

  • Meridian tuning fork (14)

  • Solfeggio tuning fork (9)

Miyuki幸 音叉周波数Healing - small.jpg

While listening to the frequencies of your mind and body, we focused on them, clouded the energy with Infinity, prevented holes in the aura, and used geometric patterns as needed.



9. Q & A


✴︎ The Law of Waves ✴︎




The reality now is that it all matches the wave motion (frequency) that you are producing.

Only tuned ones, like radio frequencies , appear there.

If it is off even a little, it is in a state of noise.

In today's real world, the vibrations that you generate will be realized at a slow speed, and will be realized with a slight delay.

(Because it is a dangerous society if the waves that are emitted match immediately and what you think is realized immediately)

Since we have been given time to slowly generate waves, it is safe to immediately adjust the state of mind and energy and change the waves when undesired waves are generated.

However, the speed of its realization is increasing year by year.

Please put out the frequency you should have in mind ♪

Producing vibrations that match your ideal form is a shortcut to achieving your goals and mission in this world.

But you don't have to take a shortcut.

If you are prepared to retest.

It also means that you will have to experience the same painful experience in the afterlife and relearn, and there are shortcuts to avoid delaying your soul's growth.

When the desired wave and the wave that you are producing match, you will be able to take actions that match it without difficulty, and you will be able to accumulate efforts to realize it, and the time will flow optimally. I feel that you are giving me.

Then things will be manifested (realized). Then things will be manifested (realized).


There seems to be an image that you can easily get it from Baban and nothing from words such as attraction, but in reality you can do your best smoothly, make efforts happily, and achieve it in a human-like order and speed. It appears in the form of being able to do it.

You can also materialize what you want by producing the vibrations of your own state that you have what you want and tuning to the same frequency.

That is what is called "attraction" that is popular in Japan.

The word Law of Attraction means "attracting things of the same energy", not "attracting what you want".


If the desired vibration is disturbed, it will stop or disappear once, but if you notice it again, you can put it back.

By the way, originally there is no "high", "low", "good" or "bad" in the wave motion.

It's just a difference in frequency waves.

However, when explaining it, the words are easier to understand and come to mind, so I use expressions such as "keep high vibration" and "the vibration is getting worse".

Originally, there is no "high", "low", "good", "bad", "time" or "distance" in our world or the universe.

However, I use such expressions to make it easier for humans to imagine.

Q. How can I find my ideal vibration?

A. Listen to your heart

1. 1. Emotions are'scales / indicators'.

Find the time when your emotions are in the best condition. Moyamoya is not the best vibration when it is memorable. The best vibrations for me are the ones that are refreshingly comfortable, motivated and exciting.

2. 2. One way to imitate someone

Feel the frequency as if you were close to someone who was close to your image. — You can feel the frequency (atmosphere) by watching the images of people who are close to your image and who you like on Youtube.

3. 3. Take the cloudiness and blocks inside you .

When it's cloudy inside you, you don't know what you're looking for or your true feelings.

Cloudy is when there is something that interferes with and blocks your honest feelings.

Anger, sadness, etc. are the emotions.

These emotions are often embedded and cultivated by programming from the surroundings in parents, society, schools, etc.

The types of programming are not enough, I'm inferior, I'm not good, I have to do it, the one who looks good wins, the one who can make an effort wins, there are white and black, evil and good Yes, there is a top and a bottom, and so on.

Knowing (healing) the programming that you are embedded in and believing in is one way to get rid of the cloudiness.


Try to find inner work or inner healing on the internet, or ask the person who teaches it to help you.

If you can't find anyone, please contact us.






Q. What should I do to maintain a favorable vibration?

A. There are various methods.




1. 1. Be conscious

2. Know yourself

3. 3. Do inner work (healing inside yourself)

Four. To imitate a person with a favorable vibration

Five. Go into a place of good vibration (nature)

6. Meditate

7. 7. Listen to good vibration music

8. Do what you feel comfortable with

9. Study the laws of the universe

Ten. sleepy

11. 11. Eat food with high vibration

12. exercise

13. Affirmation

14. Thank you

15. Send love to others, things and places

16. Live according to your intuition

17. We have to improve the vibration! Don't think

18. Don't stick

18. Ask your true self, masters, angels, ancestors, spiritual spirits, etc.


I will explain each.


1. 1. Be conscious


First, and then be aware of what you are doing now.

Be aware that your current condition is a favorable vibration.

What is the favorable condition? I am conscious of that.

→ When it is not in a favorable condition, I often forget about the vibration. Be aware of the energy you are producing.




2. 2. Know yourself


First of all, know what kind of condition you like.

Know when and how you feel.

When an emotion appears, look at what kind of emotion it is. I feel it to the fullest. Know that feeling.

Know what you are frustrated, impatient, and lacking when you haze. stare.

When you are excited, you will know what you are expecting and satisfying. stare.

Do you feel happy or impatient when you feel relaxed, whether you feel happy or tired when you are doing crunchy activities, whether you feel happy or disgusted when people are paying attention to you, and so on.

Know who you are at this point.

All you have to do is know, understand, and look at it objectively.

Naturally, the mind becomes clear and the vibration rises.



3. 3. Do inner work (your own healing)


Work to get rid of tiredness, disgust, impatience, anger, and anxiety within you.

Work to look at your trauma .

Find out when you feel that particular emotion and where it comes from.

It's fast to write .


Writing example:

1. Frustrated ← My partner doesn't do anything even though I have a cold ← I want something ← I think I should be kind ←

I feel like I want to be kind ← I feel like I'm not loved if I'm not kind ← I felt love when I was kind ← I want to be loved! ← I have felt that I was not loved when I was a kid ← I feel that way Let's send love to myself as a kid

2. Frustrated ← My partner doesn't do anything even though I have a cold ← I think I can do everything myself without relying on people ←

I'm disgusted by people who live by relying on people ← I'm looking down on people who can't do it myself ← I've been told by my parents not to rely on people, telling society Have been broken

← I am brainwashed and programmed ← All human beings can rely on others or do things they can't do!

3. Frustrated ← My partner doesn't do anything even though I have a cold ← After all, I have to get up and do various things ← To make things look like they should be in order ← Things were decided I think I have to go down the street ← I've been told by my parents and society ← I'm brainwashed ← I do n't care if things don't go in order or sometimes I can't! I wish I could skip or skip something!


Since I had a mental illness, since the 90's I have been writing, reading, issuing, meeting and discussing my past, talking with my heart, listening to people around me, talking with nature, and talking with my higher self. I was working on going, affirmation, etc.

In order to survive desperately, I was doing inner work naturally without knowing it.

By consciously promoting inner work from around 2010, my life has become much easier since I was over 40 years old.

For 13 years, I was able to temporarily return to Japan, where I couldn't return because I didn't have the courage to meet myself in the past. (Although it was forced from space in the middle)

I have been doing various healings on my return to Japan.

I would like everyone to enjoy this peace of mind.

And recently, I dare to do various works for experiments, and I see the reaction to my reality.

The result will be interesting ♪

4. Imitate a person with a favorable vibration


Find someone who is close to the vibration you want to be.

Know what the person is doing and what they think.

When you're not around, you can feel the vibrations of that person on YouTube or Instagram.

Imagine yourself thinking in the same way.

The actual action will follow later, and first of all, the image that I already have.




5. Go to a place with good vibrations


Go into nature. This is the quickest method.

For the time being, it can be temporary, so by going into nature, you can escape the temporary down.

Since the purpose is to receive energy, you have to actually go to nature, but for the time being, just playing the sounds and images of nature on Youtube etc. is quite effective.

Not limited to nature, there are many places with good vibration such as shrines and churches.

You can also improve the vibration of your own house by cleaning it and placing foliage plants.



6. Meditate


Some people find meditation difficult.

Once you know it, there is nothing difficult.

It is also meditation to look at the sky while taking a walk.

It is also meditation to concentrate on water and dishes while washing the dishes.

Humans think 60,000 to 80,000 times a day. Meditation reduces the number of such thoughts.

Meditation makes it easier for you to fulfill your wishes because you can reduce unnecessary negative thoughts and remove blocks.


There are tons of ways to meditate.

· Zen meditation

· Love & Kindness Meditation

· Body meditation

· Mindfulness meditation

· Breathing meditation

· Attracting image meditation

· Higher self meditation



It is recommended that you can get into guided meditation relatively easily while listening to guided meditation, but I am sorry that I cannot introduce you now because I do not know a person with good guided meditation in Japanese. ..

Please look for it.

There are some recommended ones for English people. ..

I hope I can take a guided meditation video in Japanese someday.




7. Listen to good vibration music


The vibrations of music are so intense that they are easily affected.

The ultimate goal is to listen to natural Hertz 432Hz and DNA 528Hz music instead of the battle pitch standard A440Hz that was originally changed in the 1920s, but in reality it is not easy.

So it doesn't matter if it's rock or Hawaiian.

Listen to the music that you feel comfortable with.

Most of the classical music has good vibration, so it is the most recommended.



8. Do what you feel comfortable with


Take good care of yourself!

Self-love enhances vibration.

It is different for each person to feel rich.

If you get up early in the morning and work and feel comfortable, that's it.

If you feel comfortable reading while drinking tea, that's it.

If you feel comfortable chatting with your friends, that's it.

If you feel comfortable cleaning the bath, that's it.

If there is something in your heart that makes you feel uncomfortable, something that is not refreshing, it is not "comfortable" for you at that moment.

First of all, you will know what behavior you can really feel refreshed.



9. Study the mechanism of the universe and the mechanism of the soul


Having'Knowing'wisdom makes life easier.

Legendary things that have been hidden since around 2012 are also on the table. When you read a book, go to a seminar, or study what appeared in front of you, the vibrations will rise due to ascension.




10. Sleep

If the vibrations drop, please sleep when you can sleep.



11. Eat food with high vibration


Natural, non-genetically modified, non-chemical seasoning, and unprocessed products have high vibration.

If an animal is killed and processed, it retains the stress energy of that animal, so the vibration is not good either. Vegetables, seaweed, and fruits are good foods. Caffeine, sugar and liquor are said to pierce the aura and reduce vibration.

However, it is good to adjust the amount and number of times while considering which one will make a big hole and who will endure those things and have stress.

Chew well and focus on what you are eating.

If it happens, it's a food that you don't need or hurt.

If you feel better, it's a nutrient-rich food you need.


As your mind becomes clearer and you live for the purpose of your life, you will know what to pick up just by entering the supermarket.

On TV, pacific saury-san said, "Why don't you buy what your body wants?"

This person is living a life that is firmly in line with the purpose of life, so I was interested in that kind of thing naturally being acquired.



12. Exercise

When you exercise, the fluid and oxygen in your body rotate and regulate various things such as hormones, autonomic nerves, muscles and bones. By doing so, it removes the stress on your body and mind as if the bad parts were melting. It is even better to drink good water to improve the flow of liquid.

Excessive exercise stops the circulation of fluids and oxygen and puts stress on the body and mind. Not recommended unless it is comfortable, such as an athlete.

Look for and do what exercise is just refreshing for you.




13. Recite affirmations

You can work on your subconscious by using Kotodama.

Please do the affirmation that suits you.

Examples: "I am full of happiness" "I am loved" "I can make others happy" "My heart is rich"

Please refer to 83% A7% E3% 83% B3% E3% 81% AE% E6% 84% 8F% E5% 91% B3-3668 /




14. Thank you


  • Make a thank-you note.

  • Give thanks before going to bed.

  • I pray for gratitude.

Whether it's a day's event or the reality you have, like an associative game

Example: "Thank you for sleeping on a warm futon."

"Thank you for the hot water coming out of the tap."

"Thank you for meeting Mr. XX today."

"Thank you for your feelings."


15. Send love to others, things and places


This is one of the types of meditation.

Giving will enrich your heart.

Then you will be the same as what is called a living spirit. Be careful of your thoughts!

1. Close your eyes in a comfortable position and open your palms.

2. Image of light coming out of your hands as love 3. Send that love to the person, thing, or place that came up with it. I sincerely hope that the subject is truly rich and happy. (If you can't really wish for the happiness of the person who came up with it, it's okay to just send a gentle light.) 4. Just like the person who came up with it next, how many people take time to take care of it like an associative game. I will also send it to you.



16. Live according to your intuition


When the third eye opens, your intuition becomes better.

What to eat, time to sleep, actions to take, all live according to intuition.

Hado is in the best condition because it is what you should be.

17. We have to improve the vibration! Don't think


There really isn't a'must' for things.


The better the vibrations, the richer, easier and more enjoyable your life will be and the faster your soul will grow.

But that is not always a good thing.

Originally, there is neither "good" nor "bad" in the universe.

There is no "high" or "low".

It just "exists".

Moreover. ..

Since you came all the way to the earth with low vibration from a place with high vibration, let's carefully observe and experience the yin and yang, good and evil, black and white unique to the earth and connect it to learning the soul.When that understanding deepens and I can observe my shadows firmly and objectively, the vibrations naturally rise.

18. Don't stick


Are you obsessed with something?

For people, substances, places and times.

Attachment lowers vibrations and causes blocks.


Are you in love and thinking, "You must be this person!"

It's an obsession.

Don't you think, "You can't work part-time and you have to get a job!"?

It's a programming obsession.

Don't you think "I should have done that!" For what happened in the past?

It's an obsession.

Don't you think "that person is mean to me!"?

It is an obsession that people should be like this. (It is also dependent ↓)

19. Independent

Do you depend on something?

For people, substances, places and times.

Dependence lowers the vibration and causes a block.


Are you in love and thinking, "You can't make me happy without this person"?

It is the result of the desire to make others happy on their own.

Are you frustrated with your partner?

Are you frustrated because others don't do what you envision or want?

Dissatisfaction with the other person is dependence.

It is a misunderstanding and addiction to feel unhappy with the actions of others.

Only you can make yourself rich and happy.

Take actions that make you truly happy.

If that makes the other person go away, that's goodbye.

Someone who doesn't need it in your life.

It is proof of dependence that you try to move away from yourself or break up, rather than moving away from the other person naturally.


Are you pushing your child's expectations to "this should be!"?

Expectations are dependent.

It is a manifestation of the lonely feeling that if the person does it, he or she will be satisfied.

It's good to convey your thoughts, your wishes, your thoughts, your thoughts, the thoughts of society, the thoughts of culture and the thoughts of the world to your child, and what you should do as a parent is education.

On top of that, it is dependent to get angry when the child does not answer it.

20. Ask your true self, masters, angels, ancestors, spiritual spirits, etc.


This is called "prayer" , isn't it?

Please pray.

I can make a wish.

Anyone you pray for is okay if you believe in it.

If possible, it is a great effect to pray not only for yourself, but sometimes for your family, friends, colleagues in the company, other people who passed each other, and the world.


' True self' is called inner being or higher self, and there are various interpretations such as one's soul, one's group soul, and one's god.


'Master' is the ancestor of light who has been born on the earth, and is said to be in the place of the soul of a higher class after contributing to this world.

Being familiar with the material world, you can understand the words better than the archangels.

Jesus Christ, Buddha, Confucius, Mary Magdalene, etc.

Each has a master who has a close relationship with people. For some reason, the person who always lives near the temple is Buddha, the person who is in the environment to listen to the chant is Jesus, and so on.

Of course, 'Angel' is an angel. There is also an angel who always follows you. If you know someone, call that person's name, but if you don't know, it's like an angel.


' Ancestors' are from distant ancestors who have inherited genes to close relatives who have recently passed away.

Some people follow me as a guardian spirit.

You can call someone a specific grandpa, grandma, aunt, etc., or even your ancestors' summer.

I don't care because the lost person has no ego.

' Spiritual spirit' includes religious gods, gods who live in nature, gods of all kinds, Kannon, gods of shrines, and other gods enshrined.

Carefree Woman

Q. Will there be any difficulties if the vibrations are kept in good condition? If everything was the law of vibration, why would it be difficult again even though it was in good condition?

A. The answer is no.

When you can keep 100% of the vibration, when you acquire wisdom, you will not feel the difficulty as the difficulty, the obstacle as the obstacle, and the bad.

However, difficulties are always present.

That's because I've come all the way to experience, study, and experiment with this low-frequency Earth.

Those who just come to experience, those who should learn something, those who are experimenting, those who report, the content depends on the soul.

They come to learn love, joy and expression, come to observe and report on human beings, just come to enjoy 3D, and so on.

The experience is given in line with the purpose of the soul.

The bigger the task you bring, the more difficult it will be, whether you overcome it or not.

However, it is a task that I have imposed on my soul according to the level I decided to go to, and there is nothing I cannot overcome.

The frequency and speed vary, but many souls choose a life in which the more they clear and go to the next soul stage, the more something a little bigger than the previous one will appear.

There are some challenges in my life, and there are times when I'm trying to see if I'm really clearing the challenges, and sometimes when I'm testing.

At that time, the same thing that you did before will appear, and if you have a good intuition, you will immediately know that it is a test and you can easily pass it.

If you can clear a lot of what you need to learn, many souls are planning to make it easier towards the end of their lives.

It's rare that I haven't learned that it's not getting easier (there's a possibility of carrying over to the next life ← most of the time), or I decided to'have fun at first and bring some hard work later'. It's a soul.

Someone likened it to a gym.

The expression is that you bother to shed tears and come to the earth tightly for the growth of your soul, go to the gym, put a load on it, train, and polish yourself.

That's a reasonable expression because the more people who go to the gym, the better they are.

When difficulties appear in front of me, it will be quicker and easier to overcome if I can tackle with an attitude that makes me enjoy "Oh, I have the next task! What will I learn next time?" By doing so, you can fully enjoy the earth.

This world is a game! Some people express it as.

It may be good to clear one after another by doing what is on the screen like that kind of game.

Because you have come to the earth!






Q. Does color have energy?



A. Yes, there is.

Matter emits the energy of its color, so it may be good to be aware of it when placing it nearby or wearing it.

The color of your aura also represents your current state.

Red when you're passionate, yellow when you're feeling humorous, pink when you're in love, and so on. ..

I was looking for a color explanation and a good site.

I hope you can refer to it.

The energy and explanation of each color is written in detail by clicking each color at the bottom. Thank you ~


Your energy is hundreds or thousands of times stronger than matter.

It is better to focus on your own energy rather than the energy of things.

It is an ant to rely on things such as power stones for purifying substances with substances, such as for purifying a room, or when you can not keep your energy by all means, but even if you rely on things, you can expect that much It's not as big as it sounds.

The same applies to power spots.

However, it is an ant to get the energy of such things and places to enjoy a little, and to feel the energy and enjoy it.



Q. What should I do if there is a person with poor vibration in my workplace or family?


A. This is your chance!

A chance to clear one task.

Wave experiment, mirror experiment, chance to experience.


People are affected by the vibrations of humans within a radius of 3 to 8 meters, even if they are not aware of anything.

If you are conscious, you can receive the vibrations of people in different countries depending on your intention.

The closer you are to the person who has a problem with vibration, the more the soul is coming to the earth with a big theme to overcome.

Those who set the amount of soul polish to a small amount this time do not appear so much around.

By that amount, there is less to learn and feel in life.

For those who have problems with their families, parents and children, or couples, we are planning to set a big theme to overcome by ourselves and move forward in this world.

If you know the theme of this world (I'm coming to learn love ... I'm coming to learn expressions of joy ... etc.), I'll keep observing myself with the other person so that I can learn along with it. It's a good idea to think about what you should do.

In many cases, a kind person wants to help a person who is full of sadness, and by lowering his / her own vibration, he / she can feel the synchronization according to the other person and give the other person a sense of security and comfort.

However, it is neither good for the other person nor for me, and not only does the sadness of that person never disappear, but also my sadness remains.

If there is a sad person, heal the sadness of that person only by keeping his vibration high.

By keeping your own vibration high, you can raise that person's vibration.

It can help you feel naturally energetic, motivated, and ready to fight the cause of your sorrow.


The person is really just showing his condition!

If you have someone who is "angry," you have a similar kind of "anger."

If you have a "negative" person, you have a similar kind of "negative".


There is such a person nearby = I'm just showing you for a solution.

For the time being, if such a person is nearby, you should try a mirror experiment.


For example, what kind of attitude does the other person have when you turn your own wave into a wave of anger?

On the contrary, when I try to change my vibration to love only with the other person full of anger, what kind of attitude does the other person have?

By repeating such experiments, it turns out that the other party is a mirror of his own wave and is only a projection.

Often the person is a completely different person when not with him.

Because for me that person is my projection.

I will try to find out what is being shown and pursue the cause of it.

By pursuing, understanding, and accepting things, the unnecessary things will disappear.

We call it "healing".

No one will be showing you when the healing is over, or that person will be gone.

I don't need it anymore.

It will continue to exist as long as it is needed.

How do you know that? ..

For example, Mr. A who is full of anger.

When you yourself have the healing to get rid of the same kind of anger, you will naturally become a calm person in front of you, or you will not meet for some reason.

But Mr. A is still full of anger in front of Mr. B! When you hear the rumor, you will know that your healing was successful.

So, now, this "anger" is gone from me! Even if you think about it, it may be tested a little to see if you really let it go .


Or you can show a different kind of "anger" this time.


There are many types of mental states.

The more you clear it, the less times it will be and the less content it will be.

I hope you can feel it.



Human Pyramid

Q. How can I know my theme, purpose, and mission in this world?


A. That is the symmetry of what I had the hardest time with.


It's basically simple.

It's like light and shadow, yin and yang, white and black , and usually changes from yin to yang.

The theme of learning is shown in advance by shadows and shadows in life.

Think of it as coming to learn the hardest thing in the world, the opposite of the hardest thing.


  • If you grew up in a family without love when you were a kid, you are learning "love".

  • Those who have experienced physical injuries are learning the experience of "having a body on the earth."

  • Those who are constantly experiencing what is lacking are learning "what is rich".

  • People who have not been allowed to express since childhood are learning to express.

  • Those who have never been excited come to learn to "experience".

Some people can read DNA.

There are people who can see what they cannot see in the world, people who can send messages from above by saying channeling, and people who can read Akashic records.

One way is to have such a person read.

Intuitively, whether that reading is the best way to get yourself to read.

Some people may not be able to read properly.


You know the best answer so that you don't swallow everything.

If two or more people read it, there should be some overlap.

Isn't that the case in general?

Recently, I hear that some people have finished learning to some extent and have been rewriting DNA in the same life.

It seems that there are cases where the script is changed to a different script than when it was decided and born.

About my mission and purpose in this world, it is very good to explain this person named Biko.

The explanations about other things are also very nice!

You can probably imagine learning from sources similar to mine (including English). Furthermore, it seems that he himself is now sending a message from above. I recommend it.

Q. Which tuning fork should I use?

A. Make a sound with your intention.


When you output the frequency with any tuning fork, the frequency will flow clearly and produce an effect by intentionally outputting it.


If you buy one tuning fork, many people choose the 528Hz miracle Hertz tuning fork or angel tuning fork, so you can refer to it, but basically it's a quick glance! Please choose what you think.


If you can do kinesiology yourself, ask your body with kinesiology.

Just ringing and feeling the frequency has a great effect.

It's the same principle as temple bells and European church bells.

If you want to use it for more healing, make a long noise and listen to the sound of hitting your body or object.

If there is a part where the sound changes, that is the part where the energy is clogged or there is a hole.

It's a good idea to apply the sound to that part many times, or draw the figure of eight many times to draw the Infinity mark.

When the energy hole is filled or clogged, the sound does not change there.

If you want to be that healer in earnest, take a class that specializes in it.

My teacher is Linda Penny from Marina del Rey, California, who is very famous for kinesiology and tuning fork healing.


If you would like to take a class to become a tuning fork healer by myself, please let us know.

Depending on the location and number of people, it is possible in your area.

The above is the contents of the workshop as far as I can remember.

I almost forgot the contents of QA.

If you are a participant, please point out if there is something missing.

We are also planning a workshop in the fall of 2019, the end of the year, or the beginning of 2020, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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