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​ Kinesiology muscle reflex method and how to remove body blocksLearn through practice and improve yourself, your clients, and your students.make life easierThis is a class for learning.

Time required: approx. 3Timewhile

▶︎ Zoom online

▶︎ Torrance Studio


*Individual/Group OK

(You can learn by asking lots of questions.)Please join the group as it will deepen.(recommended)

​Schedule= First applicant and scheduling→ Recruiting other students


Kinesiology course

  1. What is Kinesiology?

  2. ​Tips and notes on how to use Kinesiology

  3. 10 types of muscle reflex methods

  4. ​How to lock and block

  5. Illustration

  6. ​Practical practice

​This is not a class to learn manipulative kinesiology or fitness kinesiology as medicine.

​ Learn Kinesiology for life, for the soul, for the subconscious mind, and for the healer.

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