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Healing Artist

Miyuki Matsunaga

Tuning fork frequency

Healing & Reading


Spiritual coach

Yoga therapy instructor

Reiki Master

Energy Work Specialist


Torrance America

Wave Studio NPO School

(Spiritual / Yoga / Healing / Dance / Vocal / Art / Education) 

Founder CEO / Director




"Qualification / completion course"

International Yoga Therapist License

National Yoga Alliance RYT

Reiki Master Usui Certified Certificate

Chakra tuning fork healing course completed

Solfeggio Tuning Fork Healing Course Completed

Meridian tuning fork healing course completed

Kinesiology course completion

Completed the Mystery School Adept Course

Wave tuning fork frequency healer certification course established




Bashar interpreter


Performing artist

Actress / singer / MC / artist

www /


Miyuki Matsunaga 音叉 周波数 ヒーラー.jpg


current soul theme

"With infinite love"Being"

Being myself, existing as I am based on “infinite love”can be

to express it


Born in Fukuoka in 1972, Miyuki faced significant health challenges from an early age, likely linked to an immune disease, Sjögren's syndrome, manifesting in conditions such as Raynaud's syndrome, hyperthyroidism, vitiligo vulgaris, arrhythmia, heart failure, symptomatic hypotension, thrombocytopenia, arthritis, schizophrenia, dermatitis, depression, and sudden hearing loss.

During childhood, she grappled with rheumatism, causing difficulties in fully bending one leg by the age of 10.


Despite enduring such hardships also being both autistic with ADHD, Miyuki discovered an innate psychic ability, allowing her to perceive others thoughts and even communicate with those who had passed away.

At 11, she defied familial opposition to become a Christian, later separating from the church while continuing to sing its music.


Miyuki's passion for astronomy led her to establish a school astronomy club, creating and circulating monthly booklets on space exploration in her middle school.

Apparently, when she was 14 on a school trip, she suggested to everyone, "Let's meditate because we can hear the sounds of the universe.''



Her academic pursuits at Seinan Gakuin University spanned child education, child development, psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

And she was in a research team in genetic DNA using fruit flies under the guidance of Professor David Johnson.


She acquired a museum curator qualification, specializing in Western art and archeology, engaging in excavations and gaining hands-on experience in curation.

Active in the university's chapel choir, she honed her skills in Western classical church music and, during her tenure as a choir conductor, encountered the "Tuning Fork," a musical tool she continues to utilize.


Her studies also encompassed chants in Latin, a precursor to her later connection with Solfeggio.

Miyuki's versatility extended into the realms of professional dance, singing, and performance throughout Kyushu, Japan.

In 1997, she clinched an audition that propelled her to the United States, where she participated in the National Dance Program.


During this time, she embarked on a transformative three-month solo backpacking journey across the US country.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------


Moved to America in

After moving to in Los Angeles she had been in a low vibrational state and encountered various black experiences.

Started to learn zen meditation at a Zen temple in Los Angeles, and taking various types of yoga classes.

Miyuki Matsunaga 松永幸 音叉 場所ヒーリング Tuning Forks Healing.jpg
Miyuki 幸 Meditation.jpg

2005 - Present

In an effort to help many experience the "pain-free happiness," began teaching Yoga classes in Los Angeles. Continued teaching in various studios and private settings across California and remains ongoing.


2010 - 2016

Participated in the Adept Program at the Mystery School, learning the fundamentals of the universe.

Received certification in Usui-style Reiki healing at the Light of Illumination Wellness Center in Redondo Beach.


Deepened spiritual learning with the assistance of numerous light beings, completing a dimensional shift from darkness to light in


During Christmas, her students from the yoga class presented a healing tuning fork, initiating the practice of yoga with tuning fork.

2014 - Present

Returned to Japan after 13 years and embarked on trauma relief activities.

Stayed on the island of Hawaii island for a film shoot and experienced enormous energy.

Under the guidance of Linda Penny, an authority in tuning fork therapy,

studied various practices including tuning fork therapy,

frequency sound healing encompassing chakras, Solfeggio, meridians,

tuning fork readings and kinesiology.

Obtained a Tuning Fork Therapy course from another school as well.

Continued to volunteer and conduct sessions, classes using tuning fork healing and reading

employing channeling techniques for many individuals, animals, and places.


These practices remain ongoing.

Miyuki Matsunaga India Neelkanth Mahadev Temple4.jpg
Miyuki Matsunaga Ganga India - 1 (43).jpg

-------------------------------------------------- --------------


Trained in yoga and meditation at the World Peace Yoga in Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga in India. Studied cosmic philosophy and anatomy.

Obtained the International Yoga Therapy Instructor License from the Yoga Alliance. Simultaneously achieved the status of Reiki Master in India.


Upon returning to the United States, re-attained the Reiki Master certification at Waves Studio.

Received teachings on meditation from numerous gurus in various locations such as caves along the Ganges River, ashrams in the Himalayas, and meditation centers.

The day after attending Mooji's satsang (spiritual discourse) attended by thousands, Mooji unexpectedly visited Miyuki's school classroom with a small group and delivered a discourse, surprising everyone.

Before and after a period of practice extending over a month, undertook a solo journey in India, visiting various temples and national parks alone.

Traveled to the sacred place of Mount Shasta.

Invited to Lithuania to perform my Geta Dance Art.

Embarked on a solo trip across Europe, visiting Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

During this journey, visited Dresden, Germany, and resolved immediate past life karma.

at the same year, Miyuki encountered her twin flame.

Miyuki Matsunaga White Sands.jpg
Weighted OM Miyuki Matsunaga 松永 幸.jpg

-------------------------------------------------- --------------


Affiliated with the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) at Lake Shrine in Malibu, studying teachings by Yogananda, including Kriya Yoga and meditation.

Trip to Sedona, Texas

-------------------------------------------------- --------------


Traveled alone to Europe when invited to Germany to perform in Geta Dance Art.

Visited several castles in Germany, went to Belgium, and returned to my the Netherlands

Trip to Ojai, San Diego

Opened a Performing Arts, Yoga, and Healing school studio, WAVE STUDIO

 in Torrance, Los Angeles.

Operates as the "CEO, Founder, and Director,"

overseeing healing sessions, dance, ballet, singing, yoga, acting, and art classes.

Employed 17 instructors, establishing the leading Japanese community dance and yoga studio school nationwide.


Due to demand, initiated tuning fork healer classes at the studio, establishing a Certificate Course.


Currently operates as a studio primarily focused on Tuning Forks and voice training

alongside wisdom-related practices.


Visited various power spots including White Sands during Geta Dance Art performance in New Mexico

2018 years

"Japan Tour"

yoga workshop in Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka



Bashar's Interpreter


Practicing to rewrite DNA and achieve the next soul purpose


Visiting power spots during geta dance art performance in Austin, Texas

Miyuki Matsunaga darryl anka Bashar.JPG



Frequency energy workshop

Tuning fork healing & reading

"Japan Tour"

Tokyo, Sendai, Mt. Fuji, Tochigi, Hamamatsu, Okayama, Fukuoka, Yanagawa, Dazaifu​, Izumo Taisha, Kurayoshi, Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Mt. Koya, Awaji Island, Nagoya, Shizuoka


Sanctuary Shasta trip

周波数  エナジーワークショップ 幸 Miyuki.jpg


January Venice Beach Tuning Fork Group Healing

February Energy Workshop

Tuning Fork Healing & Reading

in Hawaii

March San Diego

Tuning Fork Healing & Reading

Speaker: "Tuning Fork Group Healing"


Tuning Fork Healing & Reading in Encinitas


By adjusting the frequency yourself,

live in a desired realityIn earth lifeUnder demonstration.



Bio as an entertainer

Travels to the United States as part of Japan's dance team

Currently appearing in movies, TV, and commercials as a Hollywood actress.

  • Stand on a billboard as a doctor

  • Appeared in the Netflix movie "Dayshift", which ranked first in the world in weekly viewer ratings in 2022.
    Co-starring with Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx

  • 2020 DC Comics Warner Brothers movie “Harley Queen” appearance
    Co-starring with Ewan McGregor

  • ​ MasterCard's card for blind people is appearing in a worldwide distribution commercial
    Starring under her real name Miyuki

  • Hawaiian production film “Midori in Hawaii” now available for sale on Amazon Prime


    • AgentEast Group Agency

    • Manager Energy Talent

    • Hawaii Agent ADR Agency

Original“Geta Dance Art” Live Art CalligraphyAs a performing artist, he has performed on over 200 stages around the world.

Germany, Lithuania,India,All over California, Texas, Michigan, Las Vegas, etc.


​Learn more☜

Miyuki Matsunaga_Snoop Dogg.jpg

On a movie set with Snoop Dogg



Traveling alone

  • Around America 3 month backpack

  • Toured 9 European countries twice

  • India

  • michigan

  • hawaii island

  • Texas

  • N Y

  • ​Across California

  • Japan



Yamaha RZ250,

Yamaha RZR

Yamaha SR400

Honda CB400F

Vintage car:'

74VW Beetle

72VW Karmann Ghia(wine-red → Violet)

67Chevy Impala


word art calligraphy artist

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