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We sell the following Japanese-made tuning forks.


If you would like to purchase,miyukiwaves@gmail.comPlease email us at.

​ Dollar → Yen conversion is based on that day's rate.

We will mail it after payment.

It will take 2 weeks to 1 month for your item to arrive. ​

Japanese tuning fork
​Tune fork of the highest quality

528Hz tuning fork

Made of duralumin 

US $144

Outside of the US $166

​Frequency of love and miracles

Pairs with the solar plexus chakra

  • Make miracles happen.

  • DNA repair

  • Re-encode (symbolize) the genome of DNA molecules

  • Repairs DNA that has been damaged in various ways by viruses, toxins such as chemicals from food or the air, ionizing radiation, ultraviolet rays, active oxygen, etc.

  • Removes excess active oxygen, free radicals, and alkylating agents caused by unbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and psychological factors.

  • Anti-aging by stopping cell aging

  • Increases the production rate of antioxidant capacity

  • Maintaining overall body health and preventing disease

  • Help you balance your life and live your life from a higher perspective.

  • Works on the subconscious mind and gives awareness

  • Testosterone production in the brain

  • La from a higher perspectiveguide you to send your thoughts

528Hz is, has a deep connection with nature and is found in things like chlorophyll, oxygen, rainbows, sunlight, and the sound of bees.

528Hz tuning fork pendant

Stainless Steel

US $144

Outside of the US $166

  • Rich sound quality achieved by special heat treatment.

  • Accurate frequency vibration achieved by traditional techniques.

  • Elegant and perfected style.

4096Hz crystal tuning fork 

Made of duralumin 

US $144

Outside of the US $166

Has the power of natural stone crystal

  • Energy purification (negative energy removal) location/body/mind

  • Connection with cosmic energy

  • Power stone activation

  • aids meditative state

  • Energy charge (people, objects, animals, plants)

999Hz energy tuning fork

Made of duralumin 

US $144

Outside of the US $166

  • energy activation

  • Encourages red blood cells to supply oxygen and improves blood flow

  • Activation of nitrous oxide

  • reduce depression

  • Gives energy when you can't take a break

  • Sedative effect/relaxation

  • life transformation