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solfeggio tuning fork

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396Hz = Do (Ut)

(= 9)

(Ut quent laxis)


Liberation from sin, trauma, and fear

Associate with Root chakra


417Hz = Re

(= 3)

(Resonare fibris)


Spirit to challenge change, intelligence, recovery from negative situations, promotion of transformation

Associate with Sacral chakra


  528Hz = Mi

(= 6)

(Mira gestorum)


Infinite Possibilities・DNA Repair・Miracle・Conversion to Ideal・Recovery of Cells

Associate with Solar Plexus Chakra

The 528HZ frequency is also known as the "miracle frequency", helping to repair the DNA of damaged and broken cells, giving peace of mind and body.

It works on the subconscious, gives awareness, and guides you to live life from a higher perspective.


DNA is damaged in various ways by viruses, toxins such as chemicals ingested from food and the air, ionizing radiation, ultraviolet rays, active oxygen, etc., and gene expression regulation that reduces the efficiency of the DNA repair function. When changes occur, cells reach a senescent state, resulting in aging and disease.


Organisms are equipped with multiple DNA repair mechanisms to properly repair DNA damage. 528 Hertz helps boost its DNA repair rate and increases the rate of antioxidant capacity production. A cell's ability to repair DNA is critical to maintaining its normal function and overall health, and has an impact on rejuvenation and longevity.  


  639Hz = Fa

(= 9)

(Famuli tuorum)

Emerald green

Love, improving relationships, connecting with people, repairing relationships

Associate with Heart Chakra 


741Hz = Sol

(= 3)

(Solve polluti)

sky blue

Awakening ・Ability to solve problems ・Improvement of power of expression ・Removal of viruses and bacteria

Associate with Throat chakra

☆Remove and prevent unwanted toxins, viruses, infections, pathogens, bacteria, molds

☆Remove unwanted electromagnetic waves and radiation

☆ Awakening, Awakening, Intuition


852Hz = La

(= 6)

(Labii reatum)


Devotion to the Soul, Awakening of Intuition, Awakening, Returning to Spirit

Associate with Third eye chakra





Connect with Higher Dimensional Cosmic Consciousness

Associate with Crown chakra




Expanding Consciousness and Fundamentals of Evolution

☆ Relieves back pain, leg pain, and other pain.

☆ Helps relieve pain in the heart and gives peace and serenity to the mind.

☆It helps to get rid of trauma such as sadness of losing an important person.




Expanding and Facilitating Consciousness from Multidimensional Realms

☆ Promotes healing power and prepares the mind and body

☆ Expansion and promotion of consciousness from multidimensional realms

☆ Helps restore cells to their original state

☆ Promotes repair of damaged cells

☆ Moisturize your body

☆ Leads to a state full of energy

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